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CBD and equine

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Hemp has been used for it's healing properties for thousands of years. Today it is a popular natural alternative to human, companion animals and equine treatment, focusing on a greater sense of physical, mental, and emotional relaxation.

For our equine companions, we offer a variety of supplements, oils, tinctures and gels in multiple strengths and dosing applications to choose from. At Future Farm Hemp, we know no two endocannabinoid systems are exact, which is why we work closely with you to better understand your end goal and what you're looking to improve/achieve to better support you on recommended product and dosage.

CBD Camelina Oil- use as a top dress supplement. It's known for its high levels of Omega 3 and Omega 6. These fatty acids are in the perfect ratio to support healthy joints, skin and coat, as well as fight inflammation and offer immune support. The broad spectrum CBD extract has zero THC. Finally, we added a light flavor of Anise, one of a horses favorite flavors to increase palatability!

Dosage is per 1/4 cup. Comes in one gallon jugs.

Hemp Equine Pellets- are a great way to get CBD into the horses diet as a treat or a daily supplement. These pellets have 200 mg of CBD with each scoop. The CBD in these pellets would be best used as a daily supplement. As the CBD is absorbed in the gut, the effects will be longer lasting.

Each bag is four pounds and includes a measuring scoop.

Equine CBD Gel- comes in an easy to administer syringe with notches to control dosage. It is fortified with 25 mg of CBD/ 10 CC with three doses to a tube and a great tasting apple flavor they will love. This will be faster acting as it is orally absorbed into the bloodstream.

One dose is 25 mg/10 CC. Entire tube is 32 cc and 75 mg CBD.

Equine CBD Tincture- comes in 2,000 mg strength/bottle with a light mint flavor. Each dose will contain approximately 60 mg of CBD. These doses can be easily reduced or increased depending on needs. It comes with a measured dropper for easy dosing. This oil is best applied in the gums or behind the lip of the horse and allowed time for oral absorption.

One bottle is 30 mls. One dose is 1 ml. 30 Day supply if used daily.

TRY BEFORE YOU BUY with our discounted Equine Sample Set!

Schedule a call with one of our consultants to assist you in finding the right product!

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