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With the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, we decided to dive into the hemp business. After 10 years of growing hydroponic produce as Future Farm Grown, we decided to take the skills we have learned in germination and production to begin growing hemp mothers. Our 27,000 sq. ft year-round greenhouse allowed us to continue learning through winter. Future Farm Hemp was created in 2019 with the start of seedling season.

Our goal from the start was to produce high quality seedlings for farmers, and mother plants for those looking to do cloning themselves. We found the passion in growing the plant, and collaborated with others that had the same interests. Through trial and error we learned what it takes to grow this plant well. To be successful we teamed with some of the best genetics companies and growers in the US. They not only taught us, but gave us the opportunity to learn ourselves. We know the importance of building strong relationships, because we relied on these to get us where we are today.

We want to give farmers and customers of CBD the same experience. Teaming up and working together towards a similar goal is the best way to reach success. Our team offers resources and guidance to you as you work on your grow or look for a CBD product.

While our initial goals still stand, we have some new goals as well. To have a single hub for farmers and CBD users to go to for trusted, local, hemp and hemp extracts. We believe in local, and knowing where your products come from. Our farmers help support this goal because we know where the hemp comes from, how it was processed, and what our products are made of. 

We know that your health is one of the most important issues that we face each and every day.  We also know that it is not easy finding natural solutions to your health needs and that it is not always easy to find safe, true to its label, hemp extract and CBD Products.

We share the same challenges as hemp farmers and as Hemp Extract and CBD customers.  Our desire for clean, quality hemp extract and CBD from trusted local sources caused us to launch our own Future Farm Hemp Extract and CBD Products.  We’ve partnered with local Midwest farmers, local Midwest Organic Hemp processors, to develop our own clean, fresh, and high quality hemp extract and CBD products.

When you are facing the challenge of finding solutions to your health needs, know that Future Farm Hemp is there with you.  We have done the research, studied the plant, and know our hemp extract and CBD products.  We are a resource for diligent information, innovative hemp extract and CBD Products, and a guide for selecting products that are right for you.

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