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CBD for our pets

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Our fur babies are a part of the family, which is why they deserve the same type of care! Dogs deal with pain and stress just as we do, with few ways to communicate how they're feeling.

CBD has been shown to have positive effects in both cats and dogs and is a great natural option for your best friend's health and wellness needs.

Aside from slight drowsiness, CBD has no recorded severe side effects in pets and is considered a holistic alternative to be used in tandem with other healthy practices such as a good diet and exercise. Given at the correct dosage, it can be used for preventative care, symptom management and end of life comfort care.

Our CBD pet treats are made with ingredients you know and can actually pronounce, with 20 mg of CBD each. They are formulated with a broad spectrum hemp extract so THC is non-detectable. They are uniform in size and break apart easy for smaller dosing. CBD for companion animals has been shown to aid in anxiety reduction during situations like fireworks or storms, as well as increase appetite in elderly dogs and joint support.

We suggest dosing as follows:

Dog Weight x (0.25-0.50 mg)

Example: A 40 pound dog would receive 10-20 mg of CBD... so one of these treats!

Our pet Tinctures, or cbd oil can also be a very effective way to give cats and dogs CBD. A single dropper can be placed by their gums and rubbed in, or right on their food. With oil, the CBD absorbs into the bloodstream much faster than it does when digested. Better yet- it's beef flavored! One bottle of this oil contains 500 mg of full spectrum CBD. One ml contains 16 mg of CBD. Use the dosing instructions above just the same and adjust as needed!

Dogs/Cats have the same endocannabinoid system as we do, and we have seen many of the same effects of CBD. Interested in learning more? Check out the articles below!

Schedule a call with one of our consultants to assist you in finding the right product!


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