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2022 Hemp Genetic Lineup

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

The following varieties will be available this spring. These were chose according to past growing history here in the Midwest climate, flowering schedule, CBD/ Seed production, and compliancy. All prices are TBD.

Early Remedy- This is the best full-season seed, performing well in all variety trials.

  • Early-maturity variety at 14 hrs daylength

  • 15-20% CBD with best management practices

  • Aromas of citrus rind, cardamom, and sandalwood

Angie- Solid and reliable, our value line is a great field variety and perfect for smokable flower.

  • Early to mid maturity, flower initiation at 14-13.5 hrs daylength

  • 13-16% CBD with best management practices

  • Terpinolene multi-dimensional notes of pine, floral, herbal, and hints of citrus flavors

Valarie- Yields buds full of fragrant spices, making her an excellent choice for smokable flower.

  • Early-season maturity, flower initiation at 14 hrs daylength

  • 13-16% CBD, Potential for CBC up to 3-4%, with best management practices

  • 24-28:1 Ratio CBD:THC

  • Blend of musk, clove, herbal, citrus, wood, spice and everything nice

Interested in Industrial hemp or growing large scale acreage? Contact us for more information!


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