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We have built a network of the very best genetics companies, growing strategies, organic processors, and wholesale and retail outlets for selling hemp flower, biomass, and oil.  As a farmer we know that having these key networks in place are a game changer in our level of success each growing season.  As one of our partner farmers, these resources and networks are shared with you as we team up to support your grow. 

Each year we select a handful of varieties that we are confident will grow best for our farmers here in the Midwest. These are chosen based on high humidity resistance, early finishing time, compliance, and past growing data. 


To help international farmers and those that are not in the Midwest, our team studies the specific growing climate and selects genetics that are best suited for that region.

Check out our 2021 selected genetics by clicking on the button below. 


The real work begins during the summer as our farmers cultivate their plants. It is important to us that our finished CBD products for wholesale and retail are clean and free of pesticides, molds, and heavy metals. To make products clean from these residuals, we coach our farmers on clean growing methods and require 3rd party testing on all plant extracts. 


We host monthly meetings and provide continuous resources to our farmers so that they know exactly what products they can and cannot use to prevent any contamination of their end product. 

Farming takes dedication and passion to be successful, and we know that farmers are some of the hardest working people out there because we farm as well.  At the end of the season, harvesting a profitable crop that rewards you with the income to keep doing what you love is the always goal.  We the same passion and dedication is what allows us to build strong relationships with all of our farmers.  We decided to develop a genetic to consumer network because we understand the amazing impact this plant has on the environment and people’s health.

We know it is important for you to start with strong genetics, prepped fields, support during the growing season, and an end game for your crops.  We also know that most farmers want to farm and the balance of farming and the business aspects of this industry can be difficult, time consuming, and can take away from the passion and fun of farming in this industry.

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