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CBD for your fitness routine

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

CBD plays directly on the endocannabinoid system, which has been found to affect almost every aspect of our bodies and its functioning. It has been reported to show anxiolytic, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, and analgesic properties as well as promotes better sleep!

Muscle Pain and Recovery-

When it comes to muscle pain and recovery, the CB receptors located in the skin and muscles play a large role. CBD applied directly to these areas in the form of a topical like cream, lotion, and bath bombs are one way to increase the affinity for these receptors and directly affect inflammation in those areas!

It is important to choose a high potency topical to receive the best benefits. The type just depends on your preference! Some contain cooling or heating agents like menthol and other ingredients like camphor, clove and arnica. These can be used daily or as needed.

"Players and support staff, therefore, constantly strive to improve recovery strategies and reduce pain with an emerging method being the use of cannabidiol" Kasper AM

Joint and Arthritis Pain-

It is not uncommon for athletes to get arthritis or general joint pain in heavily used joints at a younger age. Pain of this sort can be caused by inflammation as well as cartilage or tendon/ligament damage. Using a high potency muscle cream or lotion on these areas may help reduce inflammation over time leading to less damage and a better recovery process.


Although it may seem self explanatory, sleep is critical to recovery- both physically and mentally. If you are experiencing a lack of sleep due to injury, or excess caffeine, taking CBD may help alleviate some of this and encourage your body to get a deeper night's sleep.

The best CBD products to promote sleep would be an oil either by itself, soft gel capsules or gummies.

“...many of the players currently or previously taking CBD anecdotally perceived a benefit (67%), including improved sleep (41%), recovery/pain (14%), mood (6%), anxiety (3%), and other various medical purposes (8%: concussion, chemotherapy, and long-term injury). No player reported any perceived adverse effects."

Kasper A.M

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