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These Nano D9 gummies come in Nano Hype and Nano Chill.  Nanotech breaks the psychoactive into tiny particles (less than 100 nanometers) so they are very fast acting.  Available in Nano Chill (Indica - Blue Raz) and Nano Hype (Sativa - Strawberry).  All of our products are GMP process certified and 3rd party tested.  They are packed in a 10ct container. The Delta 9 THC-infused gummy has 2.5 milligrams of Delta 9 THC and 2.5mg of nano Delta 9 per piece (meets the guidelines of <0.3% of Delta 9 THC by weight). While some customers might think 5mg is a little low, this is a nano D9 product and it will pack a punch. Our current offering is a 10-piece gummy container giving you a total of 125mg of Delta-9 THC derived from Industrial Hemp. This is for customers that want to experience a psychoactive experience and on the top there is a warning that states: "WARNING: Cognitive And Physical Impairment May Result From The Use Of This Product." We recommend starting with 1/2 a gummy and working up to the full gummy until you're used to it and know your tolerance levels. Our Delta 9 THC is Industrial Hemp-Derived and Farm Bill 2018 compliant. Onset for these gummies: You should experience effects from these gummies within 30 - 45 minutes due to the fast acting nano D9. Our current size is 10 count.


Enjoy one D9 Gummy every 12 hours. Do not exceed the suggested use unless under the supervision of a physician.

Wholesale Gummies Nano Hype and Nano Chill D9 Nano 10ct

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