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Introducing Chill Biscuit Pet Calming Treats!


We found the cleanest, locally produced, crunchy, meaty biscuit and are offering it dosed with 10mg CBD from full spectrum hemp extract per piece.


Our proprietary coating technology has allowed us to focus on sourcing without compromise. Our new Chill Biscuit pet treats contain only 8 ingredients (including full spectrum hemp extract) with no preservatives or fillers. The best part... the first ingredient, which we are sure your pets will love, the star of the show: CHICKEN!


The meat in every Chill Biscuit chew is raised locally within a completely vertically integrated system, processed in a USDA inspected facility owned by the same folks who raised it and then manufactured into biscuits (once again by the same folks) and supplied directly to us. We then apply our full spectrum hemp extract and package the product in our fully licensed, cGMP certified food processing facility, ensuring that your pets receive the cleanest pet calming treat possible.


In addition to pet behavioral support, the compounds extracted from the hemp plant may help your pet's body in regulating its inflammatory immune response. This can be especially helpful for animals suffering from joint issues like arthritis and other common degenerative joint issues.




Chill Biscuit Pet Calming Treats - Chicken



  • Ingredients: Chicken, Chicken Meal, Yellow Pea, Sweet Potato, Dark Cane Syrup, Olive Oil, Salt.

    Active Ingredient: Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

    Contains less that .3% THC by weight

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