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As the growing season approaches an end, it is important that the farmers we work with harvest their plants quickly, dry them down correctly, and get them processed by a facility that we trust. 


We work with farmers that are hand harvesting to ensure that no dirt gets on the sticky buds of the plants during harvest and that they are dried down to 10% moisture adequately to reduce incidents of mold. We also have some mechanical drying methods for larger acreage farmers to speed up this process.


Once their material is dried down, a 3rd party test is run to see if there are any residuals in the plant material. If the tests look clean, the dried biomass is sent to one of our partner processors.


We currently work with a handful of processors in Wisconsin that have organic certification and produce a high quality extract. These extracts are all tested for purity to ensure no harmful levels of ethanol or other chemicals remain. 

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Post Processing

Once the hemp extract is in a crude state, there are many options to further the processing of this material into a more desired form. Our partner processors have the capabilities of taking crude and processing it down further into distillates, isolates, and THC- Remediated products. These materials are held to high levels of 3rd party testing to ensure no remaining solvents, pesticides, or harmful substances remain. When it comes to highly processed hemp extracts, it is important to us that we offer a clean and top line product rather than being the lowest cost provider. 

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