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Reliable and Versatile Distribution

GMP & Food Processing Grade Manufacturing and Co-packing Support

After we receive the hemp extract at the quality we are looking for, it is time to make the products that end up on people's shelves and in their homes. 

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We are proud to partner with entrepreneurs and business owners nationwide that have similar missions to our own. By providing the highest quality hemp extract from trusted local sources,  our partners can be confident that they are getting a superior product in it's purest and most potent form. We will help to make your business flourish and provide all manufacturing, product fulfillment, resources, support and education along the way.

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In addition to working with already established companies on a wholesale level, we also support the manufacturing and fulfillment of products for companies looking to brand a product themselves. Companies looking for white label products for their brand can work with us to get exactly what they are looking for. Our goal is to support these companies when it comes to label creation, research and development of a new product, fulfillment of bulk product, and storage of inventory.

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Our USDA Food Processing Certified lab allows us to co-pack food or edible products for domestic and international companies. Using stainless steel and food grade equipment, staff can package individual food items, topicals, and oils for white-label or wholesale. It is our goal to work with you to fulfill your needs efficiently and diligently. This may include filling, labeling, sealing products, or anything in between. For your co-packing needs feel free to contact us today and learn about how we can help support you.

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