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GMP and Food Processing Grade Manufacturing & Co-Packing

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Our post processing lab was created to manufacture all retail, wholesale, and white label lines of products using local hemp extract products. To ensure quality of finished and raw goods, all lab employees are trained in food safety, GMP, and food defense to maintain the highest level of GMP and Food Processing Certifications possible.

Post processing in this lab includes the manufacturing of oils and select topicals from 3rd party tested hemp extracts, as well as co-packing outsourced local goods. Every product manufactured or packaged at our lab is stamped with a lot number and product code to ensure traceability. Our focus is to practice diligence and innovation in the production of all our products to ensure we maintain a strong relationship with our partners. Our goal is to expand by adding another lab in our facility to continue supporting our partners and clients by providing them high quality GMP certified products in the upcoming year.

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